Webinars, Online Videos & Live 1-To-1 Online Consultations

Yondo’s features include Online Video Courses and Playlists, Webinar Recordings, Live clickable Call-To-Actions, Automated Branded Emails, Branded iOS apps and much more

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Offer your videos via monthly memberships, timed rentals, and one-time purchases.

Yondo's Video-on-Demand feature enables you to decide how you want to sell your content. Offer videos as a subscription package. Perhaps you'd like to offer a single video as a pay-per-view rental. Or maybe offer up a series of consultancy videos, designed to focus on specific topics and sell them as a package. With Yondo, you have the freedom and flexibility to organize your business however you wish.

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Offer Online Group Classes & Webinars

Offer Free or Paid Webinars and Group Classes for up to 1000 attendees with your Yondo all-in-one system. The Yondo Webinar system includes live triggered Call-To-Actions, Webinar Recordings to your Video-On-Demand library with just a click of a button, landing pages and much more…

Offer Live 1-To-1 Online Consultations & Classes

Live 1-to-1 consultations can be a great way for you to provide a more personalized service for your clients. Offering personalized services allows you to build relationships with your clients and diversify your range of services. To help you, Yondo gives you the ability to book live 1-to-1 video, phone, and  in-office sessions.

Your full e-commerce solution. Giving you everything you need, all in one place for your online business

Your live and pre-recorded sessions will be available across all devices

Select a free design that fits your style or make a template that matches your website

Yondo has integrations with the top services to grow your online platform